Konica Minolta iPhone Dock for Toyota Prius

Deep Think Lab won 1st prize Konica Minolta iPhone Dock for Toyota Prius

Konica Minolta 3D Scanning Labs was looking for an innovative solution to CrabCAD design challenge.
They needed creative designers and engineers like Vincenzo to develop an iPhone dock that integrates into the dash of their Prius. Vincenzo won and  received cash prizes and he was featured in Episode 3 of Shape Lab 360.

GrabCAD Engineer’s Spotlight: Vincenzo Ricci

Vincenzo has never studied engineering, but studied instead Physics at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
On the side, he worked in telecommunications on technical projects and product design.
A lot of his work brought him close to laser cutting and milling machines, pushing him to work with 3D design more and more. “I started teaching myself the basics of 3D design, and all my studying continues to evolve today via my passion for electronics, physics and science in general.”
Like much of Europe, the economy is putting a great deal of pressure on young CAD modellers and designers.
Vincenzo says, “When I can I stay away from the usual frustrations by playing bass guitar and composing some weird song.” When asked, Vincenzo confirmed my suspicion that he’s a fan of Primus (I’ve rarely met an bassist who isn’t).
I asked Vincenzo how he came to design his curiously-named “Toyota iBat”.
He replied that introspection and observation was key to his conclusion that the dock ought to be intimately integrated with the dashboard. “I followed the lines of flight of the dashboard, and the shape, as if to make a mold to reshape.” Originally, he was going to call it the ‘iFalcon’, but decided that iBat would be better.