Thanks to the experience that we have acquired throughout the years we can satisfy your requests in sectors that are linked to CAD 3D planning. We take care about everything, from the creation of a draft to the final product.
We use CNC software and machineries that let us take care about every detail: from the model to the functioning prototype.

We can create prototypes, models and plastic models with the use of numerical control technologies. For instance, we can plan boxes that are composed by parts obtained from the incision of Plexiglas and wooden sheets rather than using additive and subtractive technologies – that is common in the domain of 3D printing and cutters.

On the right you can see the DEEP BLUES ® rendering. Deep Blues is a product that we have created as a blues driver for electric guitars.

The case has been realized mainly for the incisions on plywood sheets.
The model is suitable also for the use of Plexiglass sheets with a depth of 3mm.