Mark 4 - Paddle Tennis Racket

Paddle Tennis Racket For Molding. ( MARK 4 )
This racket is designed to be professionally printed in carbon fiber, not for conventional 3D home printers (printing of material deposit), although you can print it with 3D printers at home, but it would be a waste of material.
The moulding has already been tested with a previous model, with measures that were fashionable in previous years. Mark 1 and Mark 2 are both used by greatest players during the Paddle Spanish Championship 2015 and WPT 2015 under Zenyc paddle logo.

Mark 4 is improvement of Mark 3, 2 and 1.

So try and enjoy your game.
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Technical specifications :
Size: H 465[mm] - W 268[mm] - D 38[mm]
Hexagon handle: W 25[mm] - D 29[mm] - H130 [mm]